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reminding me of where my blood sprung from.
to eat cats' tongues. to eat tree bark, but not a tree's dry veins. peeled off. i am peeled off of the pavement where i melted in the coal mines' sun. a daughter of dry coughs and hidden colours, i swim like an owl through silence through streets. worn down.
to drink the light of the bus' front lights broken at rain. to drink water from the tap in the kitchen. endless fountain of harsh joy. hard work.
heart blood.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 6 2
it whispers; pour your worries
into the fire and nurture
there are secrets in the velvet
of the burns on fingertips
you forgot, oh you forgot
how she stroked your hair back when
night sings sad songs, your breath
in tune to oblivion – this we are
never known, we are
never known, silent, like the dance of the flames.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 12 3
ancient, naive, still half-holy
to my own name i sleep
on the highest branches
to be reached only
by subtle sounds of dreams
bring empty hands, lay redolence
before my knees;
i know naught of the prayers
but i will pray with you
to specks of dawn
floating in forgotten nights
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 13 10
this is falling asleep to birdsong,
back home,
noises in the backyard. you
are falling
asleep, falling into
warm summer days and light
grey summer
nights - they leave behind a smell of suntan and red wine.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 10 3
a crime against the cosmic order:
to put all cups on the kitchen shelves
wrong side up.
your gods cry.
we burn at the stake and drown
in city lights, the bright dead noises
and i...
i put honey into my tea in my head
(but i find no real sweetness at my hands)
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 17 7
we will become silhouettes
slowly, first,
like candle wax melting:
you lose the colour in your memories.
my sunflower rainboots
become dust,
stuck in my hair, dust.
the room lies in silence.
behind my ears, i kept a bit of melancholy
but i lost it yesterday.
the winds smoothed out that edge
to your smile that was like the beard of a key,
fitting just right.
we were solid ground.
"forever". now,
the room lies in silence.
we were warm skin, once.
tomorrow, as the day comes up,
we will be left as merely silhouettes.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 23 8
you are insane, dear
and that is just as right
as the light coming from the trees
and the fire we all bathe in,
burning away
mortality like the sun of egypt.
rivers have made your eyes
(like mine),
so if you put them in a box on the water, it won't sink.
send messages out to the world,
your dead voice, your false fate,
to watch the way we tumble
down there into the valleys.
fate is found at the bottom of worlds;
truth is wrapped around the core.
you are mad, my love,
(like the badger or the kettle)
but it takes none away
of the ways you are bound to the earth.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 18 2
hold me up
spreading too much perfume scent
and a familiar song to clean
this home, this room with no strange corner.
is my dust bunny park,
is my hole in the fake-wood floor.
take this melody and a drop of ink like it's yours.
give me your heart and i'll
return it in a violet giftbag.
i can't find much sense in keeping
books in bookshaped boxes anymore,
but then what is what is what is...
will you take me to the oceanside
without moving my feet?
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 10 3
morning, there is
a trace of pink left on the rim of the tea cup on the coffee table(
a perfect stain of your grief), and we're all glass.
see these ghosts? all are haunting themselves, leaving me
to sit on the staircase emptyheaded;
i do not have the death i wish for where i have
a seat next to me and a pearl.
i don't fear the water. used to know
a lady, back arched,
who was seaweed at the coast, so we
we'd never fear water.
just untangle my shoelaces,
my favourite star isn't far from here in the map in my palm.
it was a simple cup, coloured lipstick and black tea, a tonight shattered cup.
i'm making a wreath out of the shards,
to wear you to the next year.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 17 6
hands aching for a never,
i eat chocolate sprinkles on my bread,
thinking it should rain,
just thinking
of the netherlands and applegreen earrings.
i am a blue robin, i am
balancing over the twigs just out
the window with my eyes, my face
pressed against the cool (i am forgiving),
with hands aching.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 11 9
an embrace of fates
the lines of your skin impressed into mine, we are
both ageless, both corporeal, so captured
by these roots and earth i didn't choose,
you didn't choose.
love, you stand tall nonetheless. my column
to hold up a sky of grey rage, ending grief, a sky of stars:
the roof to my palace.
only storms separate us.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 26 9
you wandered continents carved
in wood, ornate
and oceans of silver, to be crossed quickly.
you carry
coins of future to my hands.
i can only kiss
them, bury them
beneath my fingers;
keeping this safe.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 13 2
i am.
i am
parking lots and the country side and walking
home in the dark
passing by your house.
in silent things:
i'm collecting memories unmade.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 10 7
and yesterday i was the moon
over still waters, this
will make inscriptions
on my skin.
we are sometimes.
and sometimes, we are but dust
circling the universe -
looking for a moment.
to engrave ourselves,
be silver, slivered, like moonlight
on still water mirrors.
make me be
yesterday, princess
in finery of fond
recollections like this.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 19 16
soul tissues
maybe all those lights are just secret messages
for the poetic girls who still need thoughts of fireflies in winter
to get us through, thaw the cold
in our bones, to keep our dreamy gardens alive
(maybe they'll grow all over the world one day,
twines and twigs and pomegranate)
(maybe we are like the illuminati, secretly, maybe accidentally)
and any way, you are special, you know
of old names and the melody in silence
to make your words dance.
your words dance
if it's garden or graveyard.
let them be
wild and alive for you
when you're caged in too bright houses, too harsh noises
let them build your home for you.
cry in comfort,
and let your soul be comforted.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 13 8
kindred spirit kindling flames
we had christened forgotten
too long ago. you are
the music in the depths of this.
we are home. you
mean to belong and there are days
your voice weaves promises
of passing by and i wear them,
rings around my fingers
 - your name.
:icontoffeesmile:toffeesmile 8 12

Random Favourites

timed head sketch 1034 by FUNKYMONKEY1945 timed head sketch 1034 :iconfunkymonkey1945:FUNKYMONKEY1945 194 4 Six Owls by MademoiselleOrtie Six Owls :iconmademoiselleortie:MademoiselleOrtie 1,679 144 F by Ykabuga F :iconykabuga:Ykabuga 165 38 Q by Ykabuga Q :iconykabuga:Ykabuga 36 3 Iridium by Questavia Iridium :iconquestavia:Questavia 716 102 Remember by LostAnastacia Remember :iconlostanastacia:LostAnastacia 29 1 Deers by EinarNordstrom Deers :iconeinarnordstrom:EinarNordstrom 233 19 A New Season by pitayaxx90 A New Season :iconpitayaxx90:pitayaxx90 59 19
the sharpened spirit
darling warrior,
when you swing your fist
it only kisses
virgin air
no matter how you throw it.
your attempts
make lesser sounds
than quiet mornings;
though your curses
fill the graves
you are no poet.
darling warrior,
my steel
is not kept only in
my gaze.
my inertia
does not falter
with your haste.
your intent
is worth as much
as fading sea-foam,
and your form
within the waves
does not displace.
darling warrior,
when you waste
your final breath
there is no measure for
how little
you have meant.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 9 4
Haiku experiment #2: 'koe nakuba'
—by Yamazaki Sōkan (山崎宗鑑), 1464-1552
koe nakuba
voice  without
sagi koso yuki no
egrets  surely  snow's
without voice
egrets, the edge of
the snowbank
Without their songs,
white herons are but snow
on the horizon.
:iconsomethingzenzen:somethingzenzen 1 26
-i'm pretty sure
 i left my
 mind's equation,
 that i'm tapping
 in time to on
 my kitchen table,
 in a box i left
 at your doorstep
 and i
 can't remember
 the numbers; my
 memory's been
 in water for far
 too long, and this
 paper memory
 is falling apart
 but i've known
 since the watch
 around my wrist
 that these words
 will keep tumbling
 from a memory i can't
 find, and an equation
 i lost
 the pieces to
 in a tsunami
 made of your
:iconentitaria:Entitaria 6 5
Rant Alert//Ignore this
I know many people say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but a lot also say that if something is perfect, it's therefore beautiful.
Like, I mean, I don't think so. I dunno, let me explain it.
There is a quote that goes: "Would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?"
That makes me think that nothing perfect can be beautiful.
Think about it: Most people can be as perfect as they want, they can be the best at everything, but it's the uniqueness that someone has that can make them beautiful; I mean, come on!
"But if everyone is unique, doesn't that make them the same?"
It doesn't work like that. You have 2 mirrors, 5 mirrors, 10 mirrors; let's say 7 billion mirrors and you grab a hammer and smash them all. Not one of those mirrors will have the same exact cracks.
No two will have those spider-web fractures, those missing pieces, the sharp edges. Some mirrors will just be dented while others will shatter to pieces.
"But what's the difference in people
:iconmiistical:Miistical 14 26
mermaid sketch by suzzannnn mermaid sketch :iconsuzzannnn:suzzannnn 30 5
turned back
like the clocks of the ageless,
your formation
always as fresh as
your language.
slack neck
and swift bend vagrant,
and i believe
that your moon
is dangerous.
shot through
my distant aegis,
you're the startled quick
in my default
eye lines fire-bright
and oxygen vacant,
all of your impacts generate
my vision's
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 10 2
Sketch 01 by Entitaria Sketch 01 :iconentitaria:Entitaria 10 2
Haiku experiment #1: 'yuki nagara'
—by Sōgi (宗祇), 1421-1502
yuki nagara
snow  despite
yamamoto kasumu
foothills  be-misty
yūbe kana
evening  lo!
despite snow
mist in the foothills
this evening
Despite the snow this evening,
in the foothills there is mist....

About this poem:
This is the first verse of Minase Sangin Hyakuin (水無瀬三吟百韻, One Hundred Verses by Three at Minase), a collaborative poem, or renga, written in 1488 by Sōgi, Shōhaku, and Sōchō. This verse is based on a tanka by retired Emperor Toba II in the early 13th century:
watching the
misty foothills at
:iconsomethingzenzen:somethingzenzen 2 5


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